Our fur and down are consciously chosen for their superior sustainability and performance over synthetic materials. We respect everyone’s choice, and therefore we continue to offer products made with alternative materials in our collections.


Our coyote fur is North American wild fur. These wild furbearing populations are abundant in Canada and the United States and are actively managed by licenced trappers to ensure the populations remain healthy and balanced according to annual quotas set by local wildlife management and conservation authorities. Fur trade supports the livelihood of hunters and trappers, who often come from rural and indigenous communities. In some families, trapping has been the way of life for generations.

Trapping in Canada and the United States is highly regulated and is strictly controlled by the regulations set forth by governments, states, provinces, and territories, complying with the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) and the U.S. Best Management Practices. Whether the fur trade exists or not, trapping is practiced in order to manage the populations and protect the conservation of other wildlife.

Real fur offers exceptionally good protection from the elements - far superior to artificial fur, protecting us from freezing cold, wind, and snow. As a natural product, fur is 100% biodegradable and to ensure minimum impact on the environment we do not dye our furs.

"We create the finest outerwear, always carefully considering our materials, practices, and facilities. Our performance textiles have distinct ethical properties. We use premium Canadian origin white duck down, ethically sourced and processed."



Our down is 100% Canadian origin white duck down and exclusively a by-product of the poultry industry.

All Canadian duck farms are fully audited and in compliance with the regulations and humane treatment standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Every production lot is rigorously tested for quality and purity and can be traced back to the farm of origin. Our down is cleaned to the highest purity, exceeding international hypoallergenic standards.

In general, down continues to offer better warmth-to-weight ratio over synthetic insulations. Down is 100% natural product and has not been treated with any toxic chemicals. In its end of life, down is fully biodegradable. This is why we have chosen to use down in our insulated outerwear.

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